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The AIDS ACCESS Foundation was founded in 1991 by Jon Ungphakorn, a former member of Thailand 's Senate, in collaboration with volunteers from the Thai Volunteer Service Foundation. The initiative was in response to the growing HIV epidemic in Thailand and a lack of organisations responding to the issue at that time. The organisation aimed to initiate a social effort to control and cope with the HIV epidemic from a humanitarian and human, social development perspective.

The AIDS Access Foundation pioneered in giving confidential counseling to people with HIV/ AIDS and their families, and advocated successfully to the public health care system and the public about the importance of counseling in care and support work. Furthermore, the AIDS Access Foundation has been at the forefront of the Access to Treatment movement, networking nationally and regionally to ensure effective and affordable treatment for all. A strong movement from civil society and the partnership of NGOs has been responsible for numerous successes in the field of HIV/ AIDS ‘Access to Medicines', prevention, and care and support.

The aims of the AIDS ACCESS Foundation of Thailand are:

•  To contribute towards limiting the spread of HIV / AIDS.

•  To contribute to the empowerment of, and advocacy for people with HIV / AIDS (PHA)

•  To contribute towards the development of social services which will be effective for the long term needs of people with HIV / AIDS and their families.